World Wheat Book

Volume 2

The World Wheat Book: Volume 2Extract from cover notes for Volume 2 in 2011....

World Wheat Book [Vol 2] - Back CoverIt is ten years since Volume 1 of The World Wheat Book was completed and the intervening years have seen many changes in the world economy, in agriculture in the countries where wheat is grown, and major developments in wheat breeding techniques.

This second volume complements – but does not replace – the first volume by adding to the countries discussed, providing a review on agronomy and cropping practices, and updating technological advances in wheat breeding strategies.

The opening chapters summarise the history of wheat growing, the development of wheat breeding, and the current status of breeding in the countries covered. The next set of chapters looks at agronomy and cropping practices in a wide range of wheat growing regions across the world. The third set of chapters records the latest advances in wheat breeding, looking at concepts and strategies as well as current and developing techniques. The fourth set reviews developing end uses. The final group of chapters examines specific bio- tic and abiotic threats from viruses, insect pests and diseases.

This book is subtitled A History of Wheat Breeding. It would be even more accurate to say that it records and discusses the continuing history of wheat breeding. As stated by Pierre Pagesse, Chairman of Groupe Limagrain, in his Preface: “the future of wheat rests in our hands and in those who succeed us. Let us try to do this together in a visionary and determined manner.

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