World Wheat Book

A History of Wheat Breeding

The World Wheat Book trilogy is the culmination of twenty-five years of worldwide research, innovation and studies conducted on wheat, Triticum aestivum and Triticum durum, and its related species. The project has been generously supported by Limagrain, and its publication achieved through the contributions of leading specialists around the world.

The three volumes record the continually evolving history of wheat improvement and cover the global genetic diversity of wheat, the story of its selection and provide an overview of advances in knowledge of genetics and other new technologies now available.

It is fifteen years since Volume 1 was completed and five years since Volume 2 was published. Volume 3 – now available – updates and complements these by adding to the wheat-growing countries covered, giving an update on associated technologies and an insight into the means to enhance production in a changing environment.

The trilogy provides a framework of expertise available to scientists and breeders, and acts as a landmark for those who come after. It serves to improve our understanding of the diversity of wheat, its global role in food security, its associated research and the expectations of its producers.

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